Party Poopers at East Coast Game Conference

May the strongest bowel win

Featured ImageFlying butts, mountains of poop and a gun that shoots hamburgers.

It's with our pleasure to announce our latest project* to the world today, Party Poopers! Party Poopers aims to be a laugh out loud, fast paced local multiplayer brawler with quick rounds and fun unlocks.

We are excited to announce that OneSmartBunny is attending East Coast Game Conference from April 18th-20th! We will be located at the Indie Alley. Make sure to stop by and check out our pre-alpha version of Party Poopers. We will be handing out a signed limited edition poster for the game!

Follow along on social (links down at the bottom of our website) for updates on Party Poopers.

*Party Poopers is what has spawned from work on Legends of Dodgeball. Legends is no longer in active development.