Released April 20, 2016

A unique take on a classic. Use the 4 paddles to keep the ball on the screen for as long as possible! With the leaderboards you can challenge your friends to try and beat your high scores.

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Don't Lose Your Pants!
Released July 20, 2015

A humourous platformer where you have to go from having no clothes to having all of them, or at least as much of them as you can! The player will have to reach the end both quickly and as well dressed as possible to score maximum points.

This is our entry into the INDIES vs GAMERS 72-hour game jam. We really did not get to work on it as much as we had planned. We are going to return and flesh the game out after the jam ends.

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Released December 14, 2014

Botpocalypse is a fast-paced, survival-style arcade game where you compete against friends for the highest score or longest survival time, acquire new characters, and unlock achievements.

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Project: Mayhem
Released September 5, 2012

Project: Mayhem is a fast paced platformer where you play as Mayhem, a biologically engineered weapon of mass destruction, trying to escape the clutches of his evil clones and, his creator, the mad scientist. During his escape Mayhem will run, jump and slide his way around obstacles such as spikes, electricity and the many forms of his evil clones.

Can you make it?

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